Fast Trac Buildings
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Features & Benefits

100% U.S. Made Materials

Breakdown of our Features vs Competitors

Primary Framing & Rigid Frames

Our Features Competitor's Features
Solid Steel I-Beam Frames Opened Web or Wood Trusses
Continuous Submerged Arc Welded Frames Spot Welded Frames
Available in Light Gray Primed Frames Dark Red Primed Frames
A-325 & A-307 High Strength Bolts Standard Strength Bolts
Pre-Punched Components Field Fabricated Components
100% U.S. Made Materials Imported Materials
Design Tested & Engineered Non-Tested
Extensive Weld Inspection Program (Exceeds AISC Standards) No Trained Inspection Program
Concrete Drawings Available Not Available

Secondary Framing Purlins, Girts & End-Walls

Our Features Competitor's Features
Available in Galvanized Purlins and Girts Primered Purlins & Girts
Extensive Weld Inspection Program (Exceeds AISC Standards) No Trained Inspection Program
Pre-Punched Components Field Fabricated Components

Roof & Wall Sheeting

Our Features Competitor's Features
Commercial Trim Package Agricultural Trim Package
Full Trim on Door Opening Partially Trimmed Openings
Pre-Formed & Corrugated Ridge Cap Agricultural Flat Ridge Cap
26 Gauge or Above Sheeting Thinner 29 Gauge Sheeting
80,000 PSI Sheeting 50,000 PSI Sheeting
30 Year Coating Warranty (Exterior Sheeting) Galvanized (No Warranty)
Additional Sheeting for Concrete Notch No Sheeting Notch
Full Corrugated Closure Package No Closure Package
Heavy Gauge Galvanized Base and Rake Angle Primered Base & Rake Angle
4” Sidewall Overhang 1” Sidewall Overhang
Roll Caulk Sealant on Roof Panels No Caulking


Our Features Competitor's Features
5% Extra Screws w/Oversized Fasteners Standard Count of Screws
Self-Drilling Screws Self-Tapping (Requires Pre-Drilling)
Pre-Assembled Neoprene Washers Self-Assembled Washers
Long Life Screws Standard Steel Screws
Standard 1 ¼” Screws (Allows up to 4” Insulation) 1” Screws (no Insulation Allowed)

Customer Service & Delivery

Our Features Competitor's Features
Factory to Customer Lifetime Warranty Limited or No Warranty
Community Freight Cost Options Full Freight Costs
Engineer-Certified Drawings A.B.& Permit Plans Additional Charge or A.B Plans Only
After Hours Customer Service Voicemail/Answering Service
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Multi Purpose
Office Space
Modular Buildings